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About us

WACA is the new name of our padel center, formerly known as Arena. We chose this name by merging the name of our home town, Wavre, with that of the city where padel was born, Acapulco.

Our values


WACA is a family club, welcoming all generations of the same family in a warm, sporting atmosphere. Our classes are designed for parents and children alike, and our restaurant is happy to welcome your extended family to celebrate great moments of conviviality after the effort!

We firmly believe that padel is a sport for everyone. As such, we are committed to being an inclusive club where everyone is welcome, regardless of age, gender, race or ability.



We are proud to encourage competitiveness and excellence in our players. We also offer programs and tournaments designed to help players of all levels improve their skills and achieve their goals.

Wacademy coaches

Juan Pablo Abarca

Juan Pablo Abarca is a renowned padel coach with extensive professional experience in the field. Originally from Chile, he began his career as a professional tennis player before turning to padel.

In 2016, Juan Pablo Abarca joined the Belgian Padel Federation as coach of the national team. Under his leadership, the Belgian padel team has enjoyed great success, winning several European titles, and ranking among the world’s top teams.

Our installations

Padel courts

food & bar

Padel courts

food & bar

Our commitment to excellence drives us to continue investing in the constant optimization of our grounds, infrastructure, equipment and services, to ensure your satisfaction.

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